Who Are we?



Thomas started out as a classical musician,playing percussions and drums in various lineups, and later learned piano and guitar. He played in various Rock and Jazz bands, conducted a Bateria (brazilian percussion band) and founded a traditionnal choir named Les Boulets de Canon.

Composition was the next natural step, so he started some more advanced Harmony classes and began to learn the art of orchestration. In 2014 he starts programming MIDI and specializes in orchestral music, writing for various projects (audio dramas, short movies, video games). In 2017, after a long musical collaboration,he decides to create Closed Eyes Studio with his colleague and friend, Uli Castanet.





Uli Started music with learning the drums at the age of 6. Intrigued by African and Brazilian rythms, he discovers world and traditional music, and develops a passion for it. He also tries out Piano and Guitar as side instruments. At the beginning of the 2000ds, he takes part at several HSMA (Honer and Sonor Music Academy) national championships, and takes first place in 2008. Later on, he diversifies, learning numerous traditional percussion instruments, and also starting to sing polyphonic chants. Thomas and him started an a capella choir that still exists today (Les boulets de Canon).

Already in the year 2006, he discovers computer generated music, and progressively starts composing, adding to his tunes his growing influences of Electric sounds and world music. He teams up with Thomas in 2017 to create Closed Eyes Studios.



How much does original music actually cost ?


It’s a very difficult question to answer to without knowing more about the project. Are you after audio branding? A full soundtrack for your film ? a simple intimistic music, or big soaring orchestral themes ? All these details greatly influence the investment in terms of time, gear, and skills.

Why not contact us and tell us about your needs ? This way we can advise you on the best way to add value to your project without blowing up the bank.